Zoe Keller

Artist Zoe Keller uses graphite to create large-scale, meticulously rendered visual narratives. Placing a special focus on at-risk species and wildlands, Keller weaves drawings that explore the interconnectedness of fragile, vanishing ecosystems. By highlighting the biodiversity at risk in an era of human-driven mass extinction her work aims to inspire reverence for the natural world and action to defend what we have left. Keller's studio work draws upon months of academic research, collaborations with the scientific community, and on-the-ground experiences in wild places through artist residencies and self-directed expeditions.
A Woodstock, New York native, Zoe Keller's creative upbringing in the rural Catskills shaped her future as an artist and amateur naturalist. After graduating from the Maryland Institute College of Art, Keller made homes and studios in Minneapolis, Philadelphia, on the rocky Maine coast, in West Michigan's farm country and Eastern Oregon's Wallowa Mountains before finally settling in Portland, where she currently resides. In recent years, artist residencies have taken Keller up and down the West Coast from Alaska's Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve to California's Channel Islands archipelago.
Instagram: @zoekellerart

2020 Bamboo Collection: Axis 40 Bamboo, Fish Bamboo, Zeppelin Bamboo, Sizzler Bamboo, Pilsner Bamboo, Pocket Rocket Bamboo

2020/21 Bamboo Collection

2020/21 Artist Collection